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With this calculator you will be able to know how much Pension and lump sum amount you will get when you retire at 60. The decision which you have to take is monthly contribution towards NPS. The more the invested money, the more the accumulated amount and the larger would be the eventual benefit of the accumulated pension wealth. The power of monthly compounding makes NPS an attractive retirement solution.

  • Current age

  • Retirement age

  • Total investing period

  • Monthly contribution towards NPS

  • To avail maximum tax benefit, contribute 10% of your Basic income + DA towards NPS
  • Expected rate of return on NPS investment


Summary of your NPS Investment

(Interest earned is on monthly compounding basis)

  • % of Pension wealth reinvested in Annuity plan

  • Pension amount reinvested

  • Rate of interest

  • Pension per month post retirement

  • Lumpsum Amount Withdrawn

  1. Charges are not factored in to calculations
  2. Projections are approximations only
  3. Monthly discounted Int. on balance corpus invested in Bank deposit
  4. Annuitised corpus will be returned to the Nominee
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